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Why I Started A Yoga Practice

Sonya has just signed up to six weeks of Yoga with Do Your OM Thing. She’s been to a few classes and tried Hot Yoga and Hatha Yoga. Follow her journey over the next few weeks as she starts a regular practice.


How would you describe your current level of activity?

I’m quite an active person, I like to workout and go for runs, and I’m looking for something that’s going to compliment those activities. Sometimes when it’s cold, I really don’t fancy a run so I’m hoping Yoga will keep my body conditioned during the winter months!

What attracted you to Yoga?

I’m looking to mix up my exercise routine, and I’d like to relieve some of the tension in my neck and shoulders. I think I hold stress in those areas and sometimes get a really stiff neck and can’t turn my head properly for a few days.

I’m also training for the Brighton Half Marathon and have heard that Yoga can help the body to recover from long runs, as well as help prevent injuries when muscles get really tight.

Why did you want to blog about your Yoga journey?

A friend recommended Do Your OM Thing so I looked into it and I like the idea that doing some yoga can help performance in other sports and activities. I hadn’t thought of it like that before. Like a lot of people I worried I wouldn’t be flexible enough. I have started a yoga journal to track my progress and it just made sense to share my experience in the hope that I inspire others to add yoga to their training plan!

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