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Fire Activated Seeds

...A bit leftfield but I wanted to write about fire activated seeds!

Professionally things are great; I’m teaching well, focused on my studies and experiencing the absolute joy of guiding people on a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course which is already receiving enquiries for 2020.

Personally however… it’s another matter, but I'll spare you the details.


In seeking a path through the swamp of emotional sludge, I’ve turned to a little reference in one of my favourite books The Buddha, Geoff and Me. If you’ve listened to my Yoga Pose Podcast, you’ll have heard me mention it and I really hope you read it one day. It’s a beautiful book and my copy has so many of the pages turned down, which is the sign of a wonderful book don't you think?! One such page is where it mentions seeds that are germinated after forest fires. Amidst land which has been devastated by fire lies seeds which can only activate in those conditions. That’s how I’ve felt recently; standing looking at fires raging out of control. I’m not a firefighter, not when it’s so close to home and it feels like petrol keeps being poured on, so I’m left feeling burned.

I did a bit of research and found there are quite a few seeds activated by fire! It’s so comforting to know that great things can come from a massive blaze.

Lying Dormant

Some fruits and cones, like the eucalyptus can only open and release their seeds after the heat of a fire has melted their resin. They lie dormant for years waiting for those ‘awful’ conditions. I can be a little hard… I’m self contained with an exterior that can be difficult to penetrate. I’m therefore choosing to see the ferocious heat and upset of recent events as creating the climate for my outer shell to soften. I feel like I’m starting to grow.

Thermal Layer

Some seeds survive fires because of thermal insulation. Like the giant sequoias which have a protective layer. I have a close layer of friends who have helped me withstand the heat and cooled off some of my own hotness. -Yes Yogis get mad too.


Other plants flower prolifically after a fire to ensure they survive. I think I’m a hybrid seed, something has been awoken from this blaze, I need this protective layer of friends and am incredibly grateful to them, but I’m also blooming. The harsh words, ridicule and projection have acted like fertiliser (and when you avoid chemicals fertiliser is sh*t right) for my future plans.

A heart felt thanks to those holding matches in my life and fanning the flames, as I have for you. I blooming love you.


I hope in sharing this, others share it too. There are so many personal fires blazing, people could do with knowing about fire activated seeds.


Purpose not performance; that's what a Yoga and Meditation practice will cultivate. I teach classes, workshops & retreats.

I also train and mentor Yoga teachers.

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