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Awareness, not Control

A large part of practicing yoga with me involves unlearning conditioned patterns. And what area of the body has been the subject of more misunderstandings and obsessive thoughts than the abdomen, the core, the belly?


This month in classes we learn that worry and anxiety deplete stomach energy, and there’s been plenty to worry about recently. Worry goes nowhere in the body. It’s energy, a power surge that ultimately stagnates. It’s rare we get up and do something with those concerns, right? When we do though, we alchemise the stagnant energy into an expression of personal power. The stomach loves that kind of activity!

We’ve been learning to worry less about the appearance of the abdomen and our cultural perceptions of core strength. We’ve been led to believe muscular weakness is our primary problem and embark on programs that continually condition through building muscular control. But growing density in muscle tissue, disguised as strength simply creates additional armouring and defensiveness.

What students are gaining this month (and they get to keep it!) is somatic intelligence. The more we pay attention to internal cues, the more we develop internal integrity and the more we access integrity, the more powerful our expression becomes!

There's time to practice live with us every Wednesday evening online or enjoy, these lessons and unlearnings when you purchase the mini course.


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