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We're going to begin our new year of yoga by transforming heaviness into groundedness. The Christmas holidays bring a lot of emotion and a disruption to routine, so in early January we tend to collectively feel a bit scattered and heavy.


Heaviness in the subtle body arises from lacking a sense of stability and foundation. From this place we collapse and slump. Having a sense of deep anchoring is essential to feeling safe and expansive. Heaviness comes from needing to hold it all together, resisting the natural grounding force of gravity, and trying to move without a proper sense of anchoring.

In order to feel lighter, more adaptable we turn to the nervous system. This month in practice we’re going to learn to return to safety and regulation from a state of collapse. We’re going to travel through sympathetic mobilisation without getting caught in fight or flight response. That means we’re going to remember when we noticed sensations and feelings without feeling really rocked by them. It might start with a small body movement, a shared look with someone, or even a thought that feels like the beginning of a possibility.

After a bit of weekly practice we'll transform heaviness and lethargy into confidence and groundedness.

Our class runs Wednesday evening 7.30-8.45pm @ Hove Methodist Church, Portland Road, or live via zoom. Drop in price £10. Click here for details.


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