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I love guided meditations and relaxation practices. Having someone talk me into a deep state of relaxation. However those lovely intentions can be a little misguided, because those kind teachers can’t be there for me when I most need them. They’re also not instilling the ability to self soothe and settle.


I understand why teachers guide mediations and relaxations. I, like them am paid to teach people. So in a 75 minute session I should be cramming as much information, poetry and humour as I can right?

Well… not necessarily! The Wednesday evening class might be well curated and magical, but what’s the lasting legacy? What happens when you’re having a tough time falling asleep? Will you remember my sequence if you wake up a few times in the night? I doubt it, and nor should you!

It’s not really about the postures, but how they make you feel. My role is to promote sleep and agency. To create an experience for you to resource yourself to feel present, relaxed and safe.

Those 75 minutes we spend together each week will in fact, last a lifetime, because when you do (some of) the work; the techniques are far more successful.


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