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The Stomach

This month in classes we focus on the stomach. Most famous for its lead role in digestion, but as we’ll learn, it does so much more. Digestion is a good place to start though. It might be something we give little thought to, until we feel bloated and uncomfortable, and then that stomach becomes all consuming.


What we often think of as the stomach or ‘belly’ is in fact the intestines. So let’s be clear; the stomach is surprisingly high up and left of centre.

The quest for a flat stomach, sucking the belly in or toning the abs has led to some unhelpful adaptions. These lifelong tension patterns actually weaken the core muscles and interrupts healthy digestive patterns.

This month, whether you practice with me or not… How about learning abdominal tone. That involves allowing your abdomen to be soft and relaxed as you breathe in (it’s going to dome) and feel it naturally draw back as you breathe out. This is tone. Tense, braced abdominal muscles are weak.

I reckon this photo was taken on an exhale and I couldn't be happier about that.

If you'd like to join classes this month, we practice live via zoom every Wednesday evening 7.30-8.45pm, and the sessions are recorded, so you'll receive lifelong access to the video. Email me to sign up. It's £40 for four weeks.


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