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To move and be moved

This month we’ve been opening up and feeling more. In class tonight, I’ll be explaining that emotions are energy, they’re neither positive or negative, they are in fact the power behind movement.


Emotion comes from the Latin root word mot, which means to move or to move out. The origin of the word gives us the clues as to what’s meant to happen with emotions. Emotions want to be felt and experienced. They want to flow like water. The problem comes when we resist. We described big emotional experiences as moving. We might feel moved by someone's story and donate, help out.

Emotions are a call to action. A bit of lower back pain, a tension headache or menstrual cramps are meant to be felt, and used as motivation to move those feelings through the snarled up tissues. Being still, resting, numbing, withdrawing are the last things we should be doing.

When you let pain be your catalyst for movement, you'll be in less pain. I promise. When you're in less discomfort, you can let feelings like joy, pleasure, a desire for social connection and compassion move you to do great things.

Click here for class details, here to move towards the light.


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