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MANaged a Handstand

I made it to my second despite being really tired; sleep disturbed nights with my youngest child!


This is the benefit of booking up for a block of lessons; It motivates me to turn up, which was the hardest part.

Once I got to class and we got started I soon found my energy and got in to the flow. We tried some handstands against the wall, which was a laugh.

I was about as proficient as you'd expect for my second session but I was in good company with everyone else. It felt good playing around, I haven't done a handstand in years!

My hamstrings were quite tight but I just went with what my body was telling me. I'm learning to back off from strong sensations; pushing myself to my limits is what's needed to find gains in gym workouts, but not in Yoga.

First class £5 (for guys or girls) when you mention Man On The Mat Blog!

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