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Learning to let go

Letting go was today's session. It fits in nicely with the 'Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fu*k' book that I'm reading at the moment. Why force yourself in to a shape if you're shaking and not enjoying the pose?


“When we let go of the stories we tell about ourselves, to ourselves, we free ourselves up to actually act (and fail) and grow.” Mark Manson

Kind of takes the pressure off a yoga pose, when you let go of the goal and just enjoy where you are. As Rosie reminds us frequently; there's no completing yoga.

Props were really useful today, using blocks and straps to help support and give that extra bit of lift to my hips for forward folds. I'm so close to being able to touch my toes, and this surprised me, I had forgotten this was something that was important to me! I get it now, it all links back to letting go!

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