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Cultivating Confidence

Rosie themes her sessions and this session was about cultivating confidence.


We gradually built up to postures, and I surprised myself by attempting some tricky arm balances. If someone had told me an hour ago that I'd be attempting an arm balance with my legs all twisted up I wouldn't have thought it possible, but somehow I cultivated the confidence to give it a go!

I can't help but notice what others are doing in the class, but increasingly I find I'm less worried by what others can do, I quite like seeing where a regular yoga practice can take me!

I'm improving my relationship with pigeon pose. It's challenging (to say the least) but I really enjoy the strong sensations I get in my hips and glutes. It's a pleasure - pain type feeling!

I can definitely feel the benefit in small but noticeable gains in my flexibility.

First class £5 (for guys or girls) when you mention Man On The Mat Blog!

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