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Man Enough For Yoga

So, I've come to the end of my first block of sessions with Do Your OM Thing Yoga.


What have I learned?

  • I'm not the only guy, and there's a nice mix of males and females in class.

  • I've made gains in my overall flexibility, not just hamstrings.

  • I feel great after yoga! The vinyasa style I'm currently practicing is definitely a workout and I really like that.

  • Inversions! How many different ways can you get yourself upside down! They are a lots of fun and actually a really good way of demonstrating to myself how far I had come in my 10 weeks.

Yoga and the Gym

I've been back in the gym after many many weeks of life getting in the way and was pleasantly surprised to see I hadn't lost anything like as much strength as I had thought I would have!

Sure I wasn't up there with my PB's, but I am convinced yoga has kept me nearer than I would have been to a pretty good session. Yoga and weights definitely go hand-in-glove. My dead-lift and squats have been much better with my legs 90deg with the floor (as opposed to wandering off slightly.

In Conclusion

I'm man enough for yoga, and I'm looking forward to developing my practice!

Thanks for following my journey!

First class £5 (for guys or girls) when you mention Man On The Mat Blog!

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