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It's Time To Rewild

Rewilding is something I’ve been teaching for a while, giving you the chance to feel what rewilding is like for yourselves, before I put a name to what you're feeling. Experiencing Asana rather than being instructed into them.

So what is rewilding? For me it first appeared as moments of bliss during a practice, where I’m totally at ease. Because that’s my (and everyone’s) true nature. To be at ease, rather that live with dis ease.


Rewilding is therefore ‘restoring something to its natural, uncultivated state. It’s a return to our original nature.’ Rewilding looks different for each of us. It’s about finding what opens your heart and relaxes your body, so you’re unabashedly you.

A major aspect of this approach is letting go of unnecessary ‘push’ and tension. We’ve been conditioned to add a lot of tension to what we’re doing. ‘Doing’ in itself implies effort. -Perhaps I need to change to Be Your OM Thing...

Yoga practice is like a laboratory, where you get to experiment and explore habitual patterns of tension, (jaw. It's always my jaw) and your patterns of behaviour, like why is it you always take a vinyasa, is it to prove something, or for the joy of it?

What you discover in the lab, you can take into your day to day life; So sticking with the Vinyasa example; how many of your activites are motivated by expectations of others?


‘I love the thought that Rosie puts into her classes to ensure that you get so much out of them - not just the poses, but the philosophy and thinking behind it. I always leave the mat with lots more than just a good stretch.’ -Thank you Z! You’ve been rewilding without knowing the word for it.

That’s why I’m running a series of Rewilding Workshops, which are for everyone who wants to experience a sense of belonging and safety and do wonders for your nervous system.


When we rewild ourselves, we strip away layers of behaviour, persona, tension and coping.


So much thought goes into these articles, so thank you for reading.

I know you enjoy these posts, so please comment and share them on social media. Thank you. Rosie x

Photo by Jonathan Jones.

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