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An Enlightened Perspective

It's the time of year right? Promises are going to be made, delcarations as grand as that Gone With The Wind moment 'as god is my witness... I'll never [drink that much] again.' It's the time for detoxing and purifying after seasonal indulgences. In this article I invite you to choose enlightenment.


Bodhi Day was celebrated last month across much of South East Asia, as it's the day when Siddhartha (the man who became Buddha) is said to have reached enlightenment. Buddhists will celebrate this by meditating and sharing a special meal.

Through all my years of traveling and enjoying different festivals I've always felt sad that our December festivities are always followed by a load of guilt and remorse. No where else is that the case. I used to hate working in an office because before the decorations were even down, people were already bringing in branded low calorie foods. It was all so depressing.

As we start a new year; I invite you to consider the adverts you've been exposed to, how all the marketing in the run up to Christmas was to encourage us to induldge, treat and 'push the boat out' and within a few days it's shifted to shredding, 30 day challenges and detoxing. It's all so manipulative. You can see that right? You see how money is being made on encouraging excess, and then feeling full of regret, we subscribe to programmes and supplements that promise to undo the 'harm.'

You won't see new year offers from me because Yoga and Mediation is a constant practice. It's not respectful for me to try to 'sell' to you by trying to appeal to the areas you feel bad about. I feel disappointed by the health and well being industry this time of year for peddling those messages. Too many speak to the areas we're most self conscious about, those feelings of failure and from that place of weakness they market the solution. It's really disempowering.

Whatever the calendar date I speak to enlightened beings. To people who feel in control and transcend all the marketing capaigns that run on low self esteem.

It's not all bad though, because these challenges provide a great opportunity to pratice mindfulness in this madness:


Notice the posts and articles flying around in Jan. Are they running promotions? Often money is made on selling a short term idea, a quick fix and cheap memberships etc. It's manipulative marketing, selling to you based on fear.


I don't run offers because I can't give you anything in just a few sessions. Better posture, lower sress levels, whatever you're looking for will take commitment. I've committed my life to study and I can't (much as I'd like to) hand that over quickly.

Present moment

Don't be enslaved by the past (the 150 mince pies you ate) or the future, which is anticipation (get your body ready for the summer 'cos you know those articles will be around soon). In this moment what will serve you best? Take a deep breath and experience articles like this, that talk to the present moment. All potential is here.

As Ekhart Tolle says 'whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it. Make it your friend and ally, not your enemy. This will miraculously transform your whole life.'


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