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A temple or a prison?

It can feel unfamiliar to be in your heart centre when the head is so dominant, and when that dominance is admired and encouraged. We’re praised for our ability to remember information, spot when something is out of place, or quick response to a beep or notification.


Our senses of vision, touch, smell, taste and sound all appear to be fuelling the grey matter rather than the heart centre, and that doesn’t feel great does it? The poet William Blake wrote that the body would be the soul’s prison if the senses weren’t developed and fully open to the world.

Don’t let your head rule your heart is a very powerful warning. In class this month we’re learning to let feelings be your guide rather than logic. We learn it’s safe to trust your feelings. That your feelings make more sense in fact than blindly following instructions, or… waiting for instructions from me that will never come : )

Together in class you’ll be reunited with the confidence to live and act according to what you feel, and when you do, your body will become a temple for the soul.

Click here for class details and here to begin the journey to feeling fully open to the world.


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