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Arm Balances & Alignment

I felt really good today and was looking forward to a dynamic yoga practice.

It’s nice getting into a routine, and even with a busy schedule like mine, I’ve been able to ring fence Monday evening to get to class. Now I’m becoming more familiar with some of the postures, I’m noticing and enjoying the extras, like the music! I really enjoyed the playlist today.

We practiced the arm balance Crow Pose which I really enjoyed! I thought it was all about upper body strength, but actually the arm balances are more about using the core and lats.

My regular weights sessions isolate muscles and build their strength, whilst yoga is a chance to improve muscle integration. It’s good to have a mix of both

I’m finding the instructions and adjustments Rosie gives really helpful. For a long time I have been exercising on my own, so it’s nice to have some guidance on technique. I can use these alignment points in the gym!

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