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Meet Our Man On The Mat

Meet Do Your OM Thing Yoga’s Man on the Mat Blogger!

This blog documents 10 weeks of Strong Vinyasa Yoga from the point of a Yoga newbie.


About Me

I work full time and am a father to two young children, so I don’t have a lot of time, or a big budget to exercise. However I make most of the cheap gym membership I get at work and am looking for a stretch programme to compliment my strength training.

I don’t have much experience of yoga, I’m not very flexible and I’m not getting a lot of sleep at the moment, so I'm hopeful a yoga practice will help me relax and recharge my body and mind.

Before my first session I was worried about:

  • My tight hamstrings; forward folding and touching my toes is a pipe dream!

  • Will I be the only guy?

  • Would I feel the benefit and enjoy an endorphin release like I get from a workout?

I need to give this a decent go, so I've purchased a 10 class pass and Yoga essentials: a mat, a block and a strap so I'm ready to go! -Hence the nervous laughter in this photo.

First class £5 (for guys or girls) when you mention Man On The Mat Blog!

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